Author Topic: Material's category dissapeared after the recent visual update of SSource  (Read 1075 times)


There was a visual update of SSource. It looks good, but I can't find category of a material with this updated visual. Where can I find the info? And if it was removed - please fix it back.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Molecule

Could you please let me know what you need the name of the category for?
We designed the new UI this way because from our understanding it was not useful for the user of the platform as the tags present in the popup under the name of the material can help people refine their search better than the category could, and I would be interested in knowing how you used this information.

Thank you
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PO @ Allegorithmic

When I pick a material from SSource I load all available files (.sbs, .sbsar, .mdl) to my library so I might use it in the future. Before I just looked in which category the material was, and just put the loaded material to a category sub-folder (I have the same library structure as SSource). I know that I can load a material directly from SSource link in Substance Software, but this action loads only the .sbsar files.
Also there are a lot of materials that have confusing names like "plastic asphalt".
Please add distinguishable category mark to a material viewer in SSource.

Indeed this is something that we had not thought of.
Thank you for your feedback, we'll see what we can do and find a solution for your problem.
PO @ Allegorithmic

How's development going?

We've been working on an alternative solution that would fix your problem, but it is too early to tell you more about it
PO @ Allegorithmic