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Once again I need assistance.
For about a day and a half now I've been working on a glass material.
The first image is without cracks, just dust and scratches on the surface.
And the second is with cracks (obviously! :D)
(I'm pretty pleased with it so far to be honest.)
Aaaaanyway, basically what I want is the cracks in the material to look more
realistic, because currently it just looks like a cutout. I've tried all sorts of blending etc
to try to make slightly alternated edges and so on. But, it still doesn't look right.
I've attached the SBS file for anyone that wants to have a fiddle to tell me what I've done wrong etc.
(Only been using substance designer properly for like a month or so.)

Note: The material is set to 8k, so, please if you need to turn it down, do so.

Thank you everyone!

PS: unfortunately, couldn't attach SBS file to this, so, placed it in Google Drive.

EDIT: I would like to also say that, it's not just the blending I've tried to alter, but, edge strength and so on.
OH! And also, how can I mask off parts of the cracks, since it's rare that windows/glass entirely break all over.
Sorry to be a pain!
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Hey, here is a starting point:

Hey there!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back and reply to you.
Thank you for the assistance!

Question, what is the requirement for Tile Sampler and not quite sure what the end node is, but,
whatever it is?

just places really small squares, with random pos and rotation to the max and   with random color at 0.5 ;)