Author Topic: Exposed Parameter Type Mismatch  (Read 223 times)

When a function node parameter is added as a specific type (such as float1) and the "get float" node is used to access it, then that variable is changed to a different type (such as float2), designer doesn't indicate or draw any attention to this. It still appears correct and even executes that way. It is also very difficult to notice and locate the problem when it doesn't work the way its supposed to.

I know your "get" nodes are designed to function with seemingly "unknown" variables (IE, I can create a get node with a variable name that doesn't exist and its fine with it). But I recommend some type of detection process when a parameter's type is changed. So when the user changes a parameter type, Designer should look in that function graph for that specific variable and automatically change its associated "get" nodes to its new type. I think this would help and safeguard the user without hindering them in any way.
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