Author Topic: Cannot connect input nodes (with usage types)  (Read 212 times)

For some reason, when I create an input node and give it a usage type, I can no longer connect it to anything except an output node. In the uploaded graph, I cannot connect the "In Roughness" node to anything except the "Out Roughness".

I can't drag from its connector to another node's connector, but I CAN drag from another node's connector to its connector. And if I clear the usage, it seems to return to normal behavior.

I'm assuming this is some type of fail-safe or preventive measure that isn't working correctly?

Edit: the roughness nodes I am referring to are all the way on the right side of the graph. The rest of the graph can be ignored unless you think it has some relationship. Also, FYI, I can create a brand new graph and cause this behavior by just adding an input node and a node to connect it to, so using the one I uploaded is probably optional.
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is this by any chance set to something other than standard? the other modes allow for drag-and-dropping of multiple outputs and inputs and as such requires a matching usage slot. set it to standard and you should be fine connecting everything to anything again.

Oops. I don't normally change this option, but was trying to figure some problem out, and must have left it switched on.

Any idea why it does this to input nodes when they have a usage setting? I guess that option changes anything that is recognized as a specific material component?

Thanks Divi.
And to the tech team - sorry I reported this as a bug :)
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