Author Topic: Is there any way to speed up opening a Substance To ARnold Material Library?  (Read 1822 times)


I notice when I create materials libraries that I created using Substance to Arnold, they take forever to open and they are considerably larger than if I take those same maps and make only an Arnold Material Library.
I am trying to avoid creating (2) libraries.

Please advise if there is some way to get these Substance To ARnold material libraries to open faster.

This library is only 144 simple paint colors.  I cannot imagine if I create a paint library with over 1,000. materials.

3ds Max 2019 latest service packs and latest Substance To Arnold Plugin
Windows 7



Having the same issue with Corona. We are trying to build a large library using Substance but this issue is holding us up. Anyone know of a way to speed this up?

When Substance2 nodes are instantiated in a material library, it keeps a copy of at least the sbsar in it, possibly also a copy of the outputs. It may also be rendering each one at load time.

Improving the experience here is something we'll need to do.
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Thanks for the reply, Galen.

It seems to be working slow when we are opening large substance material files (40mb), so Max is definitely trying to open this file on load time. For now we are stuck in the same situation as Bluicat and will have to export all of the materials as bitmaps and build them the old fashioned way for our library. We will save a copy of our "pure" Substance Materials for when this issue is fixed, but we are stuck with two libraries in the meantime. Would you have any suggestions on an alternative approach, or any ballpark time frame on a fix to this issue?


I don't think I have an alternative approach right now. If that's what you plan on doing, I would recommend using the Substance Automation Toolkit or some other scripting approach to automating that as much as possible. If the SAT is not available, you could probably build something using sbsrender, which should be included in Substance Designer. It should be more manageable to use some scripting to render the master sbsars to a set of maps.

The fix with the issue will have to be after the 2.2.0 release, which will be coming soon. We'll need to do some research and have some discussions about how we want to approach this and a few other issues.
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Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries