Author Topic: Node appearance thumbnail bug (functions)  (Read 334 times)

I'm not exactly sure what the node thumbnails are called, so it was difficult to search for this already being reported. Most of the math nodes have offset thumbnails on the nodes. I'm assuming this is widespread, because it's happening on both of my PCs. There is a snap of this at the bottom. As far as I can tell, it is only happening with function graphs. And only certain built-in nodes.

Notice the operator nodes (+, -, *, and max) are all offset to where you cannot see what they are. If this isn't a known problem, does anyone know what I may have done wrong to cause this?


On Windows 10 with NVidia card on both PCs. One is an Alienware laptop, the other a custom desktop. I don't have any type of windows extensions or anything that would interfere with the display, unless it is my standard windows theme settings.
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This will be fixed in the next patch release.
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