Author Topic: Which GPU to buy? RX Vega 56 or GTX 1070  (Read 945 times)

The question is in the title, I'd appreciate the help!

They are about the same price used, the vega is a bit more expensive, but also more powerful in gaming.
However I want to know about the performance in Substance Painter. I couldn't find anything about the vega 56's performance is SP or SD. I don't really care about the Iray rendering, I know that one is CUDA only.
I know the vega is a bit faster in 3D rendering, like in blender or video encoding and such, but I know that allegorithmic favors Nvidia.

Thank you advance!

I would say an Nvidia card is a better bet for Painter just because of the driver stability.

Hello Jeremie!

How you feel, is there a chance that the upcoming(febr.7.) Radeon VII would have some benefit due to 4k-8k complex texturing, with tones of layer by using it's super fast (1T/s) 16 gig memory?