Author Topic: Have been subscribed for 4 years. What are my options?  (Read 6907 times)

and you also validated those changes each time you used the software as they are in the EULA.

I subscribed for 14 months and in those 14 months i only had it installed for few months, And used it only a few times. And only remember agreeing to the initial EULA. After that i did not open it or even have it installed, But still paid for that subscription (Thinking i was accruing value towards a perpetual license) , And you continued to bill me for it. Only the initial EULA was agreed to. Either yall should have cancelled my subscription immediately when i did not accept it or Continued to honor the one and only EULA i ever accepted and agreed upon.

Since this is a change in the contract. Am I still able to get the perpetual license?