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I would argue that it's much scarier for Sébastien and for all of us to sell what we've been slowly building for the better part of our lives than it would have been to just keep on going and not change anything. Change is scary and requires courage, much more than keeping the status quo.

I see your confliction and I can imagine why you all made this move...But I don't think it's for the right reasons.

I don't know what the numbers are (I did fill out the form you emailed questioning what we use so I know you at least tried
 to gauge the backlash), but I still think you shouldn't have done this and stayed independent if not for the sake of owning your own IP, but also for the respect of those who use your software and look up to your development team, from the lowly security guard (like me), to top dog professionals -  We respect you.

Adobe doesn't have respect because they are a faceless monopoly which is what I fear you'll eventually dissolve in to becoming, another faceless facet of their corporation.

We'll see in 5 years how this pans out I suppose...What's done is done.

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The effects from this will be shown in a year or two tops...

My last on this is you have thousands, if not millions of people wishing they could start their own companies, "be their own bosses to make their dreams come true like you guys did.

I believe it's commonly known, if not, then commonly felt it's "better to be the boss, than to be the employee" - for some reason you guys ran in the opposite direction?

You've ultimately lost the total control you had over what YOU created - and I believe it is this which is what has saddened all of us here.

If you had said "We at Allegorithmic have partnered with Adobe to help them become a leader in 3D Digital Content Creation...", I don't think anyone would have been as angry over a move like that - other than the complaints about time taken away from the development of your own tools.

Helping some one is always a nice and positive gesture - Being acquired?  From tons of past experience - not so nice and positive.


I appreciate your posting and sharing your thoughts. Please know that we all LOVE's just that we tend to not trust Adobe because of their past practices (money grabs).

That being said we cannot go backwards, so we must go forward. Please know we all want and wish for Allegorithmic to succeed. We ask that you keep us in the loop and understand that we will be unfortunately, anxiously watching for any subscription changes that Adobe might impose on the user base.

We'll let everybody know more details as soon as we can, things are looking great.

What I want to know is whether or not Adobe via Allegorithmic (as their 3D initiative) aims to target the entire 3D market or just texturing. If all, then is there going to be some 3D modeling application in the cards?