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If joining Adobe means switching to their subscription model I am highly disappointed. I will have to find another texturing software if it means I can't upgrade unless I join a monthly or annually paid subscription.

Sad to say this is my first post. No and no, i wont switch to any subscription model, i wanna upgrade when i feel ready, since i still learn the software and for sole practise or smaler indie developers, such subscriptions are a no...
Feel that Substance is a great bundel, i am afraid with Adobe, progress will stall and prices increase... :-\

I too am very sad to hear that Substance will be 'joining' with Adobe. This is tragic news for individual artists who don't mind paying for good software but don't want the programs they use held for ransom should they hit hard financial times. Very disappointing.

I suspect that Adobe saw that Substance had become the 'go to' programs for game designers and animators alike and strong-armed the company (because the other option is that Algorithmic decided they cared more about cash then a good portion of their customer base and I don't want to believe that.)   :(

Swore i'd never use Adobe products again after not using photoshop for 6 months while still paying for it, then cancelling and being hit with a $50 "cancellation fee". While poor.
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Gotta say I wasn't happy to learn Allegorithmic is joining up with Adobe.  As a poor 3D artist, Allegorithmic has been my favorite company for a long time.  However, I prefer to avoid Adobe products due to their predatory business practices and general lack of innovation.  Going to be watching how things unfold very closely.

you guys arent the only ones with these feelings. Most people posting on FB about it are not happy. Why though, MONEY, its pretty clear. Why else would you hand this great software over to a lesser company(in my opinion as a character artist)? 15 years of using photoshop specifically and its just getting worse and worse, I probably use it 5-10 minutes a day. I dont look forward to Adobe infecting how good Painter and Designer are. It will eventually happen.

I hope, for the sake of artists that cant afford much, the price doesnt increase.

Congrats to the guys getting that nice pay out from Adobe though.

It was quite bad news to read about adobe buying out substance. The fact that Adobe uses very shady practices and the lack of innovation for the last few years it is  only a warning what way substance products will go on top of that adobe like autodesk swallow the innovative features and implement them to their core products, photoshop/after fx etc.

in 2 months my license is running out so i am thinking that is probably good time  start looking for alternatives to the SPainter and SDesigner?

 Ofcourse it will be a gradual move to another software and not immediate, iam not in panic or something but i refuse to get back to the adobe "boat"

Sad news.
Please let us let us know in time when it will be our last change to buy a perpetual license for the same price as we had before.

This is very bad!! 4 months ago I left adobe cloud and I will never go back.
they can't innovate, in the last years they gave us just pain.
what is dimension??? it's trash! cmmmooon!

Another one bites the dust. Another company selling its soul. It was alike with e-on Software (maker of Vue/Plant Studio), when they sold themselves to Bentley. Last December, after a hiatus of nearly two years during which we Vue/Plant Studio users paid our annual "maintenance plan" fees, ending up in only minor updates instead of the promised free "new version upgrades", e-on Software clandestinely and forcibly switched us long-time users from our pay-once-use-forever versions to a double-the-former-price monthly or yearly subscription. Of course, there is a new "flexible" way to pay only for an very limited (no export) "artist's version".

So what are the plans with Substance & Co.?

There will be now doubt that Adobe will cash cow this company here, too. Return on investment. My concerns are that we will end up in being forced to join Adobe's CC subscription plans and actually ending up in spending a lot more if we want to have the same functionality (e.g. as it is the case with e-on software's Vue and Plant Studio). Marketing calls this "more flexibility". If I will end up in less functionality for the same money, then good night!

And most possibly, there will no longer be a "perpetual license", right?

Sigh! I thought that in Allegorithmic I've finally found a company which stays independent. Wishful thinking. I should have read the stock markets news more often...

Well, hopefully, our up to now purchased products will not cease to function if we do not jump on Adobe's train. 

Super sad. Bye bye affordable software and great updates...

My concerns are that we will end up in being forced to join Adobe's CC subscription plans

We are, it's already been essentially confirmed by Adobe.

  • The addition of Allegorithmic furthers our expansion of Creative Cloud into 3D content design.
  • With this acquisition, Creative Cloud will benefit from Allegorithmic tools

But you were the chosen one.  :'(

Folks this is insane Adobe has done nothing for their community, why join with them ? Pure Capitalism on its free run, like always.  :-[

I have to agree, this is sad news, I was already migrating to Affinity Designer and Photo for my 2D things like resizing and authoring Vector pieces to put into Substance, cutting lose from adobe completely has been a 20+ year dream, shattered....

I was worried Autodesk was going to purchase Substance, which would arguably be worse, as Adobe at least lets people continue to work at the places they buy, until they're disillusioned by the lack on innovation, and leave.

On the up side, I'd love to see some Algorithmic people leave, and make their own "Spinoff".

Also a sad day for D-Do and N-Do as they were based on adobe tech, which seemed at least originally compete, and they were not called up for the dance.... I guess, that's how adobe rewards loyalty???

Sad day indeed!   :-[