Author Topic: Give me the option to choose where to save the huge data that comes with SP & SD  (Read 269 times)

Great data comes with Substance painter and Substance designer, but you force it in:
My C drive is only for system and software, not for data.
In Windows machine it is common to have 2 drives, the second and biggest is for the data, but during installation I don;t get to choose where to save the data.

Try to install e-on Vue, even a trial, and you will see they give the option to choose where to save the GBs of data that comes with it.

I can't install other software because your data stands in the way, it's occupying space on the wrong drive, the C drive.

By default we create the shelf folders in your documents folder but almost no content. If you want your custom content to be stored somewhere else, you can create a new shelf on a different drive in the preferences and set it as your default shelf. That way all custom and imported data will be saved there and not in your docuements folder.

I've checked what's in these folders in "My documents", it's the autosave that stores a lot of stuff. Can I redirect the autosave somewhere else?

Go in the Plugins menu > Autosave > Configure.
You will be able to setup a custom destination for your autosaves.

Thank you