Author Topic: Can't seem to open a package exported as an .sbsar file from Substance Designer  (Read 254 times)

I've created a basic material in Substance Designer and exported it as an .sbsar (Substance Archive) file and can't seem to open it in Bitmap2Material.

I get the error -

Linking : Linker VersionVERSION_NUMBER_11018040May 31 2016

Linking : Started.

Link process failed: Invalid assembly or version.

Which is very odd because all my programs are up to date.

I can open the .sbsar file in Substance Player and get the bitmaps that way but not being able to open it in Bitmaps2Material is bugging me.

The Bitmap2Material standalone is based on an older version of the Player, that's why it can't open this sbsar. An updated version of B2M is in the works that will also update the version of the Player used.