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Hi there,

I am testing Substance Painter and I have problems with saving my project. Once it was a problem with textures (like here:, but this time it is something different.

Here is a log:

[Project] Failed to save project to 'C:/Users/MCR/Desktop/1.spp'
[Project management] Save failed - this is unusual, check previous messages for more information

I cleared the log to make sure what "previous messages" are connected with it. And then I saved it again - and this is full log.

I tried to "clear" a project - but it's for nothing too.

What to do, how can I save a project? Autosave doesn't works as well. I am using newest version of a Substance Painter.


Could you please attach the log after having tried to save?


thank you for your reply. See attatched log file. Let me also send you an password to archive via private message.


I've also had this saving error.
Did the scene used to save correctly?
And if so, did this start happening when you updated the mesh?

My issue started once I updated to a new mesh. The mesh wasn't from my company and was not particularly clean. It was basically auto UV'ed.
I tracked the issue down to a single combined piece but couldn't isolate the issue further. The combined piece would save by it self, but wouldn't save with some other parts. I tried moving UV's, running maya geo checks etc. I tried uncombining the geo to try and find a specific piece. It was a 700MB mesh and time was running out so I had to split the scene into 2, where it would then save.
My hunch was it was UV related some how.
I'm curious to know what caused your file not to save.

I am having the same issue as the OP with the same error report in the log.

PS I went File > Clean and then I was able to save out with a new file name.
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Same a Jérémie said, please attach a log file after trying to save :

The log file will contains additional information on why the save failed.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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If it happens again I will do as you ask as I just looked at the log and there is no sign of the failed saves