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Hello great artists! I have managed to finish and submit my entry in time (phew). My initial idea was to try and tell a story on my car and give it emotional meaning. Then I tried to transform that story into painting. I tried to incorporate different paint styles beginning with oil painting. This is my final entry I hope you like it!

Thank you for viewing my post!

Really good work!

Thank you very much!

Hi everyone! In case anybody wonders here is how I did the leaves.
Fist I begin with the very powerful Substance Painter sample scene - Tile material ! Here I painted various leaves one by one, and created materials out of them :

Then I created the transition from a leaf to an oil barrel in a similar way :

If I had the time, I`ve would have made more transition states of the leaves.

Thank you for reading the posts!
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Nice work. good luck!


Pretty cool and awesome.