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Thanks Wes for describing what goes on behind the scenes so we can get an idea of what's going on. I am surprised that the decision was made so hastely to drop the native support of Substances leaving 2017.3 because it really worked well. I mean, I would have loved higher resolution output, GPU, and 16 bit/channel support and I thought that was what was in store when moving to a separate "more rapidly" developed plugin to incorporate the features that Substance is capable of. Never would I have dreamed of that it would be a struggle as you describe with the limited and changing C# API that you have to adhere to.

Just when Unity 2017.3 was released I relesed an asset that I had been working on for 2 years. It relies on Substances to generate planet textures that a custom shader utilizes to assemble very high resolution planets. I had not been able to create them withouth the Substance technology and Substance Designer. Unfortunetely, a year has passed and the API is still lacking basic features (until very recently even to get the generate texture, as well as getting a callback when a texture has finished generating). On top of that, the instability between Unity version and a heap of what nearly appears as random errors are generated as I try to duplicate material instaces and the sbsar-imports become corrupted.

For me, this means that any customer of mine that uses Unity 2018.x is lost. And in the world of assets people upgrade rapidly to later versions of Unity so I couldn't have timed my release of my asset at any worse time. I receive weekly questions when my asset can support Unity 2018 and during the first 6 months I was positive and highlighted the eventual benefits of you guys being in control of the features so we could utilise the full potential of Substance. Now, unfortunately, all I can say is that I have no ETA and that the substance plugin is still in beta, that it's too unstable, and that it lacks the necessary API-functionality for me to be able to update my asset.

This is a shame because Substance Designer and Substance Painter are truly amazing products and the Substance technology itself too. Unrivalled from my point of view.

Considering the lessons learned, and that you have to work with your hands tied behind your back with API restrictions - couldn't it be reevaluated to go back to natively supporting Substance in Unity? That really, really, worked well according to me. Also, how does the Unity integration differ with UE4 for example? Do you experience similar problems there?

Hello Wes, thanks for the openness in your posts. Didn't want to start a new thread since this one has touched on this already;

I'm working on a highly procedural game, where generating the textures at runtime is key.
Right now I don't have a need for monthly updates.
I don't even need bug fixes.
I need to be able to upgrade to a modern version of unity.
Currently the lack of callback on generation completion is entirely stopping any ability to upgrade past 2017 without us attempting some solution to on our end compensate for it or greatly increasing our build size.

Is the callback functionality something that's being worked on?