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Hello everyone!

I saw an interesting video today from the makers of Star Citizen and they use substance designer to make terrains, It's interesting to watch.

What I am interested in is that they made an erosion node... I would love to see how they made it and if it could be a thing in future SD packages?

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Yes I saw this: really cool!
Reminds me Tom Jacobs node that was released few times ago ($):

I thought that too but the SC node seems to do a much nicer job and includes sediment and stuff. It's not quite world machine but it certainly looks like terrain whereas Tom Jacobs node, while awesome, looks very alien to me.

we will publish some information about this in the future :) can't say exactly when yet, but it will happen.

I forgot to reply to this. That's awesome news! I'm certain a lot of people are eagerly anticipating!

I know I'd be keen to give it a try :)