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Hi guys,

I've run into a silly problem. When I first make my substances they get thumbnails automatically rendered for them that roughly match the output. Good. But then over time, after I've checked them into Perforce and out again and edited them, the thumbnails sometimes stop updating. Sometimes I've used saveas to change what they're for, but the thumbnails still look like the original graph.

I've now got several that look the same in the thumbnail view, but are completely different colours when loaded. And some that are just black. And some have S icons. These S ones might be broken by saving dependencies as new packages. Sometimes those end up pointing to the new files when I don't want them to.

How do I force the thumbnails to update? And are they embedded in the substance file? Or are they stored on disk somewhere and I need to find them and check them into perforce with my substances?

I don't really want to have to manually save out icons and reassign them. The output should be fine and the automatic thumbs did work to start with.


I'm still having this issue. My base Substances MOSTLY have thumbnails (although some are black and some are old), but the top level ones that reference them are mostly just S icons. Some are admittedly broken graphs due to moving files and renaming. But some are perfectly fine when I open them. They just have no thumbnails. Some were fine when I checked them into Perforce, but now have no icon. Is it saving them somewhere I need to copy them from? Or are they embedded.

Any info on where the thumbs are stored and how to refresh them would be greatly appreciated.


edit: I should have pointed out that I've tried the regenerate thumbs option in prefs. And it doesn't help at all. The ones that were wrong before are calculated wrong again, the ones that are black stay black and the big red Ss just come back when it's finally got through them all. And a great many just remain with the refresh icon forever. This doesn't seem to be related to whether the files are checked out or not.
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