Author Topic: Opacity Troubles  (Read 1645 times)

I am working in substance painter the subscription version and having two difficulties in substance painter. This first problem is when I apply a transparency to the object it has two settings when I slide the opacity bar, 1 solid,.9999 complete transparency. I don't know how to fix this? The settings are set to pbr metal rough with alpha blending, and 2048 render frame.

The second problem comes when I go into Iray, the transparency doesn't even appear in the Iray section at all. The effect just isn't there. Whether the transparency is at full opacity or at half or so nothing happens in the Iray to show the opacity. Can someone please help me figure this out, thanks.

I have a geforce graphic card 1060, and a i7 8800 processor. The computer should have no problem handling the effect.

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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