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Hey everyone,

I decided to paint and texture a model I'm working on to learn the Painter software, all I can say is it's amazing and would be purchasing it already if I had the money  :-\ any way this is what I come up with, hope you guys like it. The red parts are meant to be glowing emissive but the renderer doesn't show that.

A question too, will there be an ability added to "stamp" an image/texture/stencil down on to the model without painting it on via the stencil workflow?


Nice model. Yes being able to apply stamps is on the roadmap.

Thanks!  :D I was going for a clean look model without too much "mechy" detailing.

That's awesome news!

Sweet dude, keep up the good work

So beautiful, really. It's a little strange but the main reason I got the suite was because I'm a game developer who IS NOT artistically inclined. I find the procedurally generated art from designer and fill/brush painted(with effects and masks) from painter to be a real set of tools allowing the more technically inclined, like me, to do serious asset work.

-Austin Daniel