Author Topic: Tutorials on substance designer for multiple UDIM workflow???  (Read 1127 times)

After reading the article about DNEG and how they used substance designer for Pacific Rim 2 (mind was blown btw) I was really impressed to learn substance designer could be used in this manner.
It seems like it's a fairly different workflow from most of the tutorials on Designer you can find online.  Almost all of them are making tileable textures- bricks, rocks etc. I have not been able to find anything that goes in depth on using it to texture a multi UDIM model.
I realize DNEG had custom nodes and stuff but is their workflow achievable without their nodes?
I would love to see examples of this workflow or more tutorials on how to use Designer this way.
Does anyone know of any tutorials with like that and if there are not any, can I get the developer's attention and maybe convince them of someday making a few videos with that sort of content? Thanks!

Hey, did you watch the walkthrough of Wes?

Thanks! I remember seeing this, I'll watch it again and try paying more attention :)