Author Topic: emissive intensity of one material affect other texutres with emissive channel  (Read 474 times)

Every time I add and emissive channel to one of the texture sets and have another emissive channel on another texture set they affect one another. In other words I have a sword blade with a emisiive channel on it's texture set and I have a diamond base of the sword on a separate  texture set with an emissive channel. when I increase the emissive intensity of the diamond material the blade intensity is affected also. I do not want one to affect the other but rather independently.
Help me please.


By default, all your texture setrs share the same shader.
TO make them independant, select the texture set in the Texture Set list window, click on the shader dropdown on the right and choose "Create new Shader Instance", this will create a new shader just for this texture set with its own set of parameters.