Author Topic: Crash upon New Graph creation  (Read 1285 times)

Hi there,

I am using Substance Designer in a remote desktop session via this work around;,15141.msg64752/highlight,remote+desktop.html#msg64752

When I go to "New Package" ---> "New" ---> "Substance Graph" ---> Create the graph
Substance with crash.

I can confirm this is specific to a remote desktop session because I can do it without issue when logged in locally.

Can you point me somewhere in order to troubleshoot this?

Hey, try to launch SD before doing the RDP session

Unfortunately we get the same result if we start the Substance session before remote desktoping in

We have created a ticket for this.

Great thanks for this, is it possible to let me know the ticket number and how I can follow its progress?

It's an internal number (as the issue was already known)L. That said, it's not trivial, as it's due to the fact that we switched to core profile. So it may take some time, and we don't have any ETA on this.