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Hey, has there been some kind of solution to this? My coworker is having massive issues on her 22HD and we haven´t found anything yet. She filed a bug report and if we manage to fix this I´ll update but maybe somebody is able to provide help anyway. Thanks.


I reported this issue last year and posted a video myself (
They've been trying to reproduce the issue on their end, to no avail.
I've been having to live with it, since there doesn't seem to be a fix. The only thing that eliminates this issue for me is to close Painter, go into my Windows display settings, and disconnect the third monitor hooked up to my laptop. Re-open painter. Super impractical and annoying, but at least I can work with it.
It may or may not have something to do with the Cintiq DVI output. I don't have a DVI port on my laptop, so I use a DVI to HDMI adapter.  Still doesn't make sense when Zbrush and Photoshop are completely unaffected.
Good Luck!

Just found out I have this exact problem. Switched CINTIQ Display's at my home yesterday (Was using Cintiq 13HD, switched to Cintiq 16HD - DTK1660) and noticed the offset on the brush. If I click with the mouse there's no offset, nor is it present in any other program I've used.

Guys, can you try something ?

Open "Display Settings", Move the seccond Monitor (cintiq) down a bit then hit "Apply". See how Substance reacts.

When I had the screens parallel, the Offset occurred.
When I dragged it a bit bellow the screen, the problem was solved.
When I dragged it higher, the input failed altogether.

I'm not a developer, so I can't tell what's happening, but the secondary screen isn't inherently the problem, but it's positioning.

Can you guys try this out and let me know how it goes ?

I noticed this also affects the places where popups appear (some of them will appear in the corner of the other monitor)
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This thing seems to work for now (only tested for ~ 15 minutes): Unplugging the 3rd monitor!
Reconnecting the 3rd monitor will make the offset occur again. When I unplug the 3rd monitor everything is fine!
nicolasmcz, thank you so much for your reply!

With 3 monitors plugged in (one of it is the cintiq 22 hd):
Kent2D, I tried what you suggested, but it doesn't help in my case. The offset returns after a few brushstrokes. But nice suggestion!

First I thought plugging in and out the cintiq's dvi while painter was running would help, but the offset occured again a few minutes later, not sure that changed something.
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Just upgraded my Cintiq to the 22hd and now having this issue.  Offset painting and crazy lag only when using the pen.  Tried offsetting monitors, tried unplugging my other monitor so its just the Cintiq, still chuggy and offset. Anyone ever come up with any other ideas on what causes this?
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I think it should be the problem of  wacom Cintiq driver not so compatible with  Substance program . you can contact the wacom company .

I can use XP-Pen drawing pad in substance Painter . I have XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro and latest MacBook Pro.  I can rotate, pan or draw on object.

This has been fixed in SP>=2019.3.X
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