Author Topic: Pixelated Masks related to channel size  (Read 1507 times)

Sorry for the broad question. I am having some issues with getting a Designer material to behave properly in Painter.

The 'dirt' generator is producing a pixelated result in Substance Painter, and I am able to reproduce the issue in Designer by changing the 'Position' texture to 16bit (baked in designer). I have attached a file showing the error.

Note it is the 16bit result that is occuring in Painter, and I need it to look like the 8bit result.

The relevant graph structure is:
Baked 'AO', 'Curvature', 'World Space Normals, 'Position' Inputs (8bit usually)
Feeding into a 'Mesh Data Combiner' which is set to 8bit
Feeding into a 'Dirt' Generator

The overall graph is outputting 8bit

Any help is appreciated here - I have read that changing position to 16 bit is the solution to this but i suspect the following nodes pushing back down to 8bit are the problem?
I have also noticed the template project for 'Painter Filter' has the Position input set to 8bit which is making me doubt this is the issue?

Thanks again!

Update: I found the error, typical Rubber Duck situation.

The solution was to take the Position input out of the Mesh Data Combinator