Author Topic: Cant paint on Model  (Read 1713 times)

hey there,

i have a big building model which i made in houdini, i added some uvs to it and exported it as FBX. then i imported it into substance painter and when i want to paint on it, it doesn't works. i think this is because i scaled the uvs higher then the checkerboard so that the tiling is smaller, because when i export with uvs that fit the checkerboard, the tiling is way to big and the texture gets blured when i uv scale. i can paint on the uvs but only in the area of the checkerboard and this gets repeated at the other areas. and i already set the alignment to UV.

im quite new to texturing and UVs but i think scaling up the checkerboard in houdini and then export the file again will be the solution, but no matter how to do that or if it's even possible.

hope someone can help me


I think in order to work, you need your UVs to stay within the boundaries of the UV tile. So enlarging the UV's push past this. I often scale up in Blender, but if I then want to export, I'll create a second UVMap and bake to that so other packages can work within normal bounds.