Author Topic: Create substance that uses baked mesh and export to Painter  (Read 1357 times)

Newbie here and so far very much enjoying Designer. However I have a problem/question about the creation of substances in Designer to use in Substance Painter.

I can create procedural materials, expose parameters and export them to the Shelf in painter - which works fine.

I can create a material which uses a baked mesh (e.g. position) in Designer and that also works fine.

So far I have not found a way of exporting that material, that utilises a baked mesh, into Painter so that it picks up the baked mesh (again let's say position) from a different object in a similar way to the smart materials in Painter.

I have searched on-line but maybe I am entering the wrong question. Apologies if this is something that is staring me in the face, like I said I am new to this. :)


After more searching I found the answer in another thread on this forum.,23267.msg92420/

Which boiled down to :

Use baked maps and a mesh to build and view the substance in Designer
Replace those maps with Input Nodes with usage attributes set to match the additional maps in Painter, listed here  )
Then export to Painter

My thanks to justaviking for his answer to that earlier thread.

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