Author Topic: Detect an input mask through a switch automatically  (Read 785 times)

I'm at a fairly beginner level when it comes to editing functions.
Here's what I want.
I have a switch that is connected to a base value and an Input node.
I want the switch to automatically use the Input node if there is anything connected to it.
If there is nothing connected to the input then it uses the base value.
I have the function set up as an If/else control. If the condition is greater than 0(empty/black) then output True(Input), else output False(Base Value).
Does anyone know if this set-up would work, or would it be simpler to try something else?

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Hey, there is no way to automatically detect if something is plugged to an input. what you can do is using a blend node and plug your input at the top, so this is the par which will be taken in account (but you cannot set parameters according to the presence (or not) of something in an input