Author Topic: Applying newest substance source additions (tires, rims, etc) to objects  (Read 847 times)

Having some problems with these. I'm relatively new to substance and 3D in general, and I honestly am unsure how these work when being applied to actual models. For instance, tires:

The output images generated by the SBS file is a square with the tire tread going through the centre. These outputs look great, but I have no idea how to apply them to an actual 3D model - when unwrapping a cylinder, the faces in the UV don't line up perfectly like this. In essence, my results look more like the image below. Am I missing something, or am I supposed to hand unwrap every face of the cylinder and line them up in the correct order with the perfect spacing?

EDIT: Side note, are these (when I've figured out how to apply them), usable in Unreal Engine 4?

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Hey, for this specific case, you have to align the UVs properly: should be 1 in width, and a multiple of 1 in height (don't hesitate to go over the 0 1 UV space.