Author Topic: import quixel mixer textures,pipe through and output sbsar?  (Read 1306 times)

Hi fellas,

i wanted to input metall/rough maps into a basematerial and generate outputs to have a sbsar file published for substance painter.
Iam not understanding the correct process behind this when it comes down to parent space vs absolut.
My first tests result in a very large sbsar file which wont really show all the details in substance painter.It reacts on resoultion changes-yes- but never shows its full res.

whats my mistake here?

Hi Demonslayer,

In your case, your graph resolution is set to 1024 x 1024. If your node is set to "Relative to parent", the default resolution will be 1024 x 1024. If you set your graph resolution to 2048, all your "Relative to parent" nodes will have the same resolution.

Your bitmaps might be set to absolute 4K, try to set all your nodes to "Relative to parent" to make sure that all your node will have the same resolution as your root size.

If you are using bitmaps only, you don't need to create a .sbsar file as you can directly import your textures inside of Painter. However if you want to keep on working on procedural ressources, you can download .sbsar from Substance Source including a lot of tweakable parameters.  :)

Hope it helps !
Q.A Analyst

sorry for the late reply, i overlooked the notification.

Youre right, my input images/texturess were set to absolute - assuming that its not possible to recall the highest resolution in SP if saved in lets say 1024.I thought bitmaps have to stay in their resolution as they are no procedurals.

So now i set all input textures to relative to parent,also the base material + the project.
When i export the .sbsar to SP i still wont get the right resolution i believe,even not when i set SP to 4k.