Author Topic: Baking maps on mesh with multiple materials and overlapping UVs  (Read 3998 times)


If you have a mesh with several materials with overlapping faces in the UV and want to bake several normal maps (1 for each material), you need to disable materials manually each time you bake. Also, you need to rename file output (so you don't overwrite normal map 1 with normal map 2). This is tedious.

Example overlapping UVs

Materials have to be enabled/disabled manually each bake


Move the material setting to the bakers. So in this case of 2 materials, 2 normal maps would be generated, thus 2 bakers and each configured for 1 material.

By doing this, no manual baking would be required once set up.

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Hi there, thanks for this tutorial. I'm in the same situation.

However, I couldn't do what you described. I tried drag-and-drop on the material IDs, left-click, right-click, middle-click, nothing works. Could you elaborate more, on how to pick which material ID to bake info for each baker?

You can't do it yet. The original post was a feature request, although originally not posted in the "Feature Request" section of the forum. I've moved it here to avoid confusion.