Author Topic: SP 2.6.2 works in High Sierra!  (Read 1219 times)

After giving up on later versions of SP after version 2.4.1, I just upgraded to High Sierra and find that baking works properly in 2.6.2 (hurrah!). So, my question is, will the latest version of SP 2018 work as well? (Annoyingly I can't run the demo as I've already had an evaluation license and it won't let me run the demo again)

So, are there any Mac users successfully running SP 2018.x on High Sierra with an 'usupported' Nvidia GPU? If so, I'll upgrade!

Well, I took a chance and upgraded, and baking works as normal in 2018.1, so normal service has been resumed (after a few years!). Time to go play with the latest version of Substance Painter!

What card are you using and on what machine? I have a MacPro 5,1 tower currently on Sierra. I can run Painter with a GTX 760 2GB as long as I'm not using the Nvidia drivers. I tried to upgrade to a new 1080 Ti 11GB but these newer Pascal cards  require NVidia drivers so while everything else worked well, my machine would crash immediately as soon as Painter started to open. Can't get anything at all on screen without the Nvidia driver. I need a new GPU (preferably >2GB as I often use 4K use textures) and am having trouble getting answers to what will function with Painter.