Author Topic: Can we count on more surface types of substances for the terrains ?  (Read 825 times)

As the title says. More rock surfaces for cliffs and mountains or hills (these are the hardest to get) , more grass variety more dirt variety, dirt roads, forest grounds etc etc ?

I wont hide that i sub mostly for the substances u offer in the substance source library and b2m soft, since i am not an artist at all :). I mostly do a programming so all textures i use depend on what u and other sources like gametextures offer in their store :).

I really notice a real lack of terrain surface materials as i mentioned in the first sentence. I mostly see fabrics, woods, metal etc. It would be nice to get more stuff for terrain and level creation :)

Hi @nehezbegar ,

Thank you for your feedback, it is always interesting to know the type of materials that are needed by the users!
I invite you to add your suggestion to the Substance Source board on uservoice, as we use this tool to know what it needed by the users to guide our production.

You can find it here:
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