Author Topic: Perpetual license upgrade and substance source access  (Read 4067 times)


I understand that I can get a perpetual license after 12 months of sub + $49 with penalty of not receiving further update and no source access.

My question is will I get a latest version of all the software after I pay $20 again?

If I pay $75 for 12 months maintenance, will I get substance source access during these 12 months?


Once you have your perpetual license, anytime you start the subcription again, you'll get access to the latest version as long as your sub is active. If you stop your subscription, you'll have to revert back to the version that was available when you purchased the perpetual license.
The maintenance doesn't give you acces to Source, only the month to month sub or the yearly sub does.


Couple more questions.

Does 1 year ($75) maintenance covers all substance software
or I have to pay $75 for each individual software?

I do get to keep all the updates for $75 after 1 year right?
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$75 is the cost of the maintenance upgrade for 1 tool (either Designer or Painter).
There is no maintenance upgrade price for the full suite.
If you want to have the full suite updated to the latest versions, and if you're not enroled in the subscription yet and already have a license of either SD6.x or SP2.x, you can benefit from the $9.95/month subscription for 6 months.
After 12 months, you can pay the $49 to get perpetual licenses.

Ok thanks

But all the updates received from $75 maintenance stay with me after 1 year right?

yes :)