Author Topic: Materials being deprecated?  (Read 1067 times)


I was looking at this page: so I've registered yesterday in order to subscribe to have access to substance source.

But as I was browsing the library, before subscribing, I've noticed I can't find that lava material shown in the link above. I've written to support and they told me that "material has been deprecated and is no longer available for download in Substance Source".

This struck me as being very strange so I'm hesitant about my subscription now. I'm curious, how often do materials get deprecated and in what quantity? I'd hate to subscribe, seeing some materials I'm interested in, and seeing them gone in a few days or months. My project will take at least two years to complete.

I could just download 30 materials that I might be interested in each month, but that could be stressful and unnecessarily time-consuming :) I'd rather just download as I need them, not trying to imagine every possible need for the future.

So, is depreciation a thing that happens regularly and if it does, how often and in what quantity? I hope this lava depreciation is an exception.


This happens because when launching Source, we licensed 3rd party substance materials and these licensing deals came to an end. After the initial launch and going forward, all materials are created in house so there won't be anymore deprecation of materials.
That being said, users who have downloaded these materials before they were deprecated still have access to them forever in their account.

Thank you for the explanation Jeremie. Good to know it doesn't happen anymore.