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I've been trying to get into UDIM stuff lately and maybe noticed some things that are not working in designer.

1. When baking maps from a mesh with mulitple uv tiles the baked maps override each other one after another so that i end up with just the last map baked.
This might be related to the way the files are named.
The string "$(udim)" doesn't work. It just outputs as "[udim]".
For example :
"udim_test_cube_world_space_normals_[udim]" instead of
and so on.
That applies to baking from a single UV coordinate as to baking from multiple UV coordinates.

2. Designer seems to be able to display just one material on a UDIM mesh at a time. When selecting "view outputs in 3D" in another material all other materials go blank.

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Hi MehrRettig,

This is not a bug.
When you bake UDIM map, the result is an array of maps.
You have to assign a graph to one of your mesh material and then drag and drop your map into this graph to be able to switch between all the tiles available.

If you want more details, here is a video in which the pipeline UDIM is explain :

Regarding the 3D view, that's normal.
Due to technical constraint we only display one UV tile at a time.
QA Analyst

Thanks for the reply. Didn't expect it to work that way. Soooo... Great work from  your side.