Author Topic: Assingning different lambert materials to object  (Read 626 times)

Good morning everyone. I am new to Substance painter so my apologies in advanced if I ask a stupid question.
I have Maya 2018. As a practice exercise, I have created 1 cube and 2 plane polygons in Maya. I have applied three different lamabert materials (red, yellow and blue) so I can assign different materials in SP. I export them from Maya to SP as an OBJ.
Upon opening the document, (PBR metallic rough), i bake all of them. I have lambert 2 (cube), lambert 3(plane) and Lambert 4 (plane).
Once the baking is completed, I hide lambert 3 and 4 and I assign a concrete material to Lambert 2. When that is done, I hide lambert 2 and assign another material to lambert3. The problem is that the new lambert is applied to lambert 2....
If I export the 3 objects from maya to SP with the same lambert, then it works....
I hope I have made sense of what I am trying to accomplish.

Did you lay out the UVs per material? Upload the OBJ somewhere, I will take a look.