Author Topic: Pen pressure not working with (Wacom Intuos Pro, Huion GT-221 PRO)  (Read 2243 times)

Hi guys,
I'm having a huge problem getting pen pressure to work in SP. I works with neither Wacom (Intuos Pro) nor Huion (GT-221 Pro). I've tried reinstalling the software, changing some options in tablets configs, but to no effect. I also haven't found any solution in existing threads, though I might have missed something. Any idea, what I need to do to get it working?

PS: Pen pressure works fine with other software.

What version of the Wacom driver are you using?

Sorry for the late reply. I was using the last version from Wacom's website, that is 6.3.27-2 I guess. I say I was, because I changed my desktop, installed a fresh system and all software, and currently I'm working only on my Huion. It works just fine with SP, and so I'm afraid to install my Wacom again to check if the issue will occure again, at least before I finish my projects :-P

doesnt work with my Cintiq 13 HD. im seing posts from 2015 with people having this problem, i have tryed this on multiple computers and with multiple wacom devices, and yes i have the newest drivers, and yes i have tryed to downgrade them. whats up with this problem?

Same here, brand new HUION 1060 plus, and last Painter version, pressure not working

Windows 10
Last tablet driver from Huion site
Last Substance Painter version so far
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