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I use Substance painter with a couple of smart materials on FBX-filen and paint them by reference color. Would it be possible to batch automate the painting process so that I can create the following in batch process?

1. Given a bunch of FBX:es, Normal and ID-passes, bake the rest of the textures then apply a certain "Smart material" and output new textures according to a pattern?

Is there anyone out there that has done something similar and would be willing to help me please?

Best regards

- Björn

It's possible to some extent.

The limitation of the scripting system today is that it only allows you to replace assets in an existing spp file as opposed to add things to a layer stack or create texture sets. Which creates an odd set of limitations that you may or may not be ok working with:

You'll need a template spp file which contains all the texture sets you want and a layer stack set up properly with colors id masks and dummy materials for each of the color id masks.
You can then run script that for each mesh:
Loads the template project with the fbx file.
Replace the bakes with the appropriate materials for the specfic fbx.
Saves the spp with a new name.

Let me know if this sounds useful to you and I can provide help on how to accomplish this.