Author Topic: No access to Substance Source? Best alternitive  (Read 1496 times)


Im new to substance Painter and thought id get access to Substance Rescource but to my shot I dont and even worse I cant even subscribe to get Substances?  Im looking for the best alternitives for substances other than Substance share?

I kind of wish I had purchaes Subatance Indie pack to get all their apps so I could make my own.  Im mainly am after cloth and fabric for Marvellous Designer clothing.

Thanks, Dan

If you just bought Substance Painter and wish to get the Substance monthly offer instead to get access to Substance Source, I'm sure we can get you a refund.
Write to us at


Thanks for your reply, and offer.  After I found out I didnt have access to Substance Source I instantly wished I had got the Substance Indie Pack from Steam currently £185 inc vat, it was last week something like £166.  My idea was id just make my own substances, cant be that time consuming can it?  I then watched Substance Designer videos which then made me realise that there is no way Iv got time to learn that, Im already doing 3d modeling, digital sculpting, Uv mapping, texturing, rigging, getting to grips with Vray, learning Mari, how far can I spread my self, id just get nothing done.

The substance monthly offer, not sure what that is, but from what I see on the store its all 3 software and Source access which at the end of the year including the $49 to keep the perpetual licence will cost me £237 inc vat.  Now I dont get why I would need Substance designer when I have access to source, it dont make sense, isnt the whole idea of source access to use pre made substances instead of making them? This should be for substance painter users as well, not just substance subscribers.  At the very least why not have a small fee subscription for Substance Source access, or sell individual substances.

Thanks for the offer but if its at £237 just to gain access to source when I have only paid £78 for substance painter outright it would not be advantageous for me to pay so much more.