Author Topic: A suggestion to Allegorithmic  (Read 1264 times)

Hello Guys, I'm a new 3d modeler and I really like your software. Having some suggestions about options you may consider adding into your awesome software.

Prehistory: I'm specialzing in creating and texturing medieval stylized weapons and armour and this post has been inspired by my work expirience, and discomfort i've encountered during using SP and SD.

So here is a quick list:

1) An ability to have symmetry for 2-3 axis enabled at one time. Inspired by working on one of my swords, which is actually a mesh symmetryfied twice across Y and X axis respectively. Such feature could come in handy when you are adding some paintings or details on height information and having them perfectly duplicated without unprecise manual aligning on opposite part of mesh.

2) Adding snaps for brushes or coursor to vertex, edges, UV shells etc (3ds max, Maya like). Also may become a great feature if author is trying to follow the shape precisely, for an example - adding and ornament on blade and making it follow the edge's curvature.

3) Adding an option which may allow to copy and paste information from two masks into one without replacing each other. Some sort of Merging the information. For example, having ornament on different parts of sword painted in different masks united together into one. For some purposes it would be really handy to have such mask. 

If you will find my suggested options as usefull, can I ask allegorithmic to buy me a huge pizzuh ? :D