Author Topic: Curve node issue on game engines  (Read 1897 times)

Whenever I used a curve node, the published SBSAR file makes unpredictable error on game engine.

Definitely I have no idea about this error, so I couldn't describe more about it.
Just see what I got on SubsDesigner and Unity3D.

Here is an example file which has very simple node and output, but shows the error clearly.

I didn't upload the output of Unreal Engine 4, but it has same issue, too.

If it's not a bug, is there an way to use curve node wisely?

Node tree for more infos.


If you are using Unity, you should make sure you are using the SSE2 engine in Substance Designer as well.
You can change it in Tools / Engine.

Does it change anything?
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From Tools->Switch Engine, select SSE2 Engine.

When I restarted S/D, it gives me the same output as I got from unity.
I made a new curve node to fix this problem and fixed it.

Thank you.
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