Author Topic: Non-triangulated mesh gets triangulated before being imported into SP.  (Read 1412 times)

After the "export mesh" feature was introduced, I started using non-triangulated meshes in my SP projects for obvious reasons. Some import correctly, however, I encountered a model that always gets triangulated nomatter what I do (same export parameters for blender, same ".obj" file type).

The mesh is attached below.

There were some geometry errors in the mesh, which probably for some reason caused Painter to triangulate it. Fixed it for you.

Hey, I would LOVE to know:
1) the nature of errors;
2) how u identified them;
3) how u fixed them (if not manually);

I did not manually fix the mesh, but ran a command in Modo which automatically identifies errors in a mesh and fixes them.

According to the mesh cleanup, there was 1 colinear vertex, 1 two point polygon, and 49 vertices merged (probably duplicate vertices on top of each other).