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Hi, this is the collection of materials that I've made so far. And you can find them on here:

The money raised by this pack will be donated to a civil organization to help the affected people by the earthquakes in Mexico. In case you want to make your donative directly to any organization with the same goal you can send me your receipt, and will gladly handle the zip file by inbox (Artstation) or e-mail

The pack comes along with:

3 different templates to start right away with SD.
Modular shapes graphs, to copy and paste.
Various noise generators (brand new atomic nodes).
And functions to copy and paste.

I decided to offer this pack with a regular license or mentorship license to help you understand my workflow and the material containing in the graphs.

I also want to thank the people that have already supported the cause, and let you know that I'm open to suggestions to improve the content of this pack so more people contribute with their donatives.