Author Topic: Rent to Own Subscription Model gone?  (Read 2538 times)

I started this discussion over on the Substance Reddit but I feel I might get faster answers and more detailed ones here.

So is the Rent to Own Subscription now gone? If so, how does the new one work and do my previous payment I had payed prior to my cancellation carry over it I re-start payments?

Also if I pay for 12 months, can I continue to use the software if I cancel? Or am I forced to pay the additional $49 I've been reading about?

To be honest though, I feel like I've been jipped as I was paying previously during the Rent to Own Subscription Model and that's pretty much the main thing that got me willing and interested in doing the subscription for Substance. Now it's sounding like that's gone and you pay for 12 Months and then some more. Just seems rather greedy and unfair to indie developers or people (like myself) who want to use Substance but aren't full time devs or are wanting to use it to help them build their portfolio.

Hey, yes the system has been changed and improved. Alle the explanations here:

Don't worry: no one has been "jipped" in the process ;)
if you have any other doubt, please don't hesitate don't drop us an email:

So that's a yes then I am taking it? In regard to Rent to Own being discontinued, since no one has given me a straight "Yes" or "No" answer yet.

So if I were to pay for 15 months (since $49 doesn't divide evenly into 19.90), could I just skip the $49 altogether then? Or would I still be forced to pay the $49 at the end of that time?

Also someone might want to check their math, as 19.90 x 12 + 49 =/= 289. It equals 287.80.
Ha ha ha

So "Yes" the system has changed, and "Yes", we don't call "Rent to Own" anymore.

For your second question nope:  if you pay 15 (or 100 months) and want to leave AND own the latest version (at the moment you are leaving), you would still have to pay 49$. As a reminder, you previously had to pay during 18 months to get a major version of the product, meaning if you started paying for SP1, you would have SP1 at the end of your 18 months of payment (even if SP2 was out). This one of the reason we changed it: when/if you leave, you have the option to get the latest version.