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I am new to substance designer and was following a unity tutorial that shows you how to make a rock material and how to get it into unity and what not. I tried importing the material into unity 5 and it doesn't import (something about a substance cooker) so I google why this isn't working and find that I have to use an older substance engine for unity 5 so I go back to substance designer and change the setting to be substance engine 5 and now have a few nodes highlighted in yellow, I am able to fix the majority of them but can't figure out how to fix the ambient occlusion node, can I get some help with that?

Hey, the legacy AO is still available in youe install files:
C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\packages

Got it, Thanks!!

Also how can I make it so that it appears on the project I am working on? in other words when I press spacebar in the node graph and search for it how can I make it appear there?

In the attributes of the graph, you have a "Show in Library" setting.


The latest versions of the Unity 2017 beta now include SD6 and higher engine support. Please take a look at Unity 2017.2 if it's possible for you to check this beta release.

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