Author Topic: New WIP UV unwrapping tool  (Read 889 times)

I saw a small section on the Substance Days Hollywood 2017 keynote which was about an upcoming UV unwrapping tool. This is great news.

I almost exclusively model hard surface geometry using CAD software. All UV unwrapping is done automatically in Max using Unwrella, which gives absolutely fantastic results. It rarely requires manual seam placement. It will be a great benchmark to compare your new tool against.

However, Unwrella has one major drawback which could be easily fixed. For hard surface models, it places seams at any polygon intersection which has an angle (either ridge or groove) greater than some number which you can set. This is not the way it should work. A seam should be placed at all hard edges, edges which have a normal split (not averaged). I have already notified them about this and they said they will "consider" it. I don't think they realize how important this is for hard surface modeling and how easily it can be fixed.

It wasn't clear from the presentation whether or not automatic seam placement will be supported, but if it does, please pass this issue onto the team. Hopefully they will understand the importance of using split-averaged mesh normal data for seam placement instead of pre-defined angles for hard surface models.
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Hey, we'll share your feedback with the relevant people  ;)