Author Topic: Is there a reference/document for what each license covers anywhere?  (Read 2360 times)

I've been in touch with support about licenses but the response with back and forth communications with support has been mixed.

I want to know what is required to be able to use Substance Automation Toolkit and/or Batch Tools on multiple machines for batch rendering. I've been told that the Indie license allows for this but not the Pro. I was then later told that the Indie license does not allow for this and it requires one license per machine, so I asked if Enterprise was required for batch rendering/automation and received a response that it was ok for Indie license to use multiple machines again...

I would like some clarity. I am absolutely fine with a single machine for Substance Designer but the workflow largely involves modifying the sbs file to update the input images/bitmaps or similar modifications then exporting to sbsar to render. Currently only using one machine for the automation and batch rendering, but it'd be nice to know what is required to use multiple machines.


This actually depends on your license:
- if you can have an Indie license (below $100K of revenue), then the SAT is probided with the subscription. In this case you would need one subscription per machine, as the subscription is user based.
- if you are above the $100K limit then you would need a Pro subscription. The SAT are not included in the Pro subscription, the SAT for Pro is a separate license which is site based.

I hope it's more clear :)
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Thank you for the clarification. It'd be great if information like this is documented somewhere too with any other differences between the licenses :)

I understand it as while <100k revenue, 1 indie license subscription per user/machine(multiple can be licensed on the same account?) to use SAT on multiple machines for batching. While >=100k revenue, a Pro license for Substance Designer would be required(single user or sitewide unclear) and the other tool we use SAT would also use a Pro license but can use as many machines as we have available?

I had a look at the buy section of the site and under Pro, SAT is not listed as an option.

SAT for Pros is only on bespoke, it's not sold directly on the website. You would need to contact us.

If you are Pro, you can purchase a subscription at $99 per month, it does not necessary need to be a license of Substance Designer. A subscription per user works as well.

And yes, you can have several subscriptions on one account.

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Fantastic, cheers for clearing all that up! Would be great for others if that information were more easily discoverable, this forum thread should help with that at least :)