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Hello Everyone,

I would like to ask,

Is there a way inside of painter to paint across Multiple UV Channels, as you would for example in UE4 when you use vertex painting so...

One asset.. A Stone Wall

UV Channel 1 Macro (Unique) Baked normal +AO Bake inside painter from HP Mesh.
UV Channel 2 Tilling material. (UV Islands are scaled to match desired texture resolution.
Can you select this UV Channel 2 and apply the as above tiling material inside of painter? Material is a SBS from Designer inside of painter.

UV 3 Light map for UE4 use...

is this possible inside Painter ?
So I would have the baked normal on UV one and a flat Base colour
Apply tilling material to UV2 and also paint on top of the tiling material lets say Moss material also tilling fill layer (Masked)

then combine these painted maps on the asset across the UV channels in UE4...

Or should I just create a blending material in the Engine?
My problem is I don't understand how I can have a unique baked normal and OA from the Highpoly onto the lowpoly for the soft baked information from the HP mesh and then still have the ability to TILE a material onto this which has UVs which can be OUTSIDE the 0,1 UV Space....

Obviously for the baked maps from the HP they need to be laid out into 0,1 space but the tilling material does not.

If anyone has any insight on this I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts ! :)

Thank you and keep rocking everyone.
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Hey, sadly, you cannot paint across multiple UVs channels for now.

Hey, sadly, you cannot paint across multiple UVs channels for now.

OK, : ) Well I think this would be an excellent feature! Perhaps having the ability, once you have painted across multiple UV channels to also output this information as vertex colour maps or some type of direct workflow which allow you to plug this into your RGBA channels in the Engine (UE4 Unity etc ) so as to say basically allow it to be possible to do your vertex painting inside of painter instead of the engine and then boom that goes straight into the engine.

Don't get me wrong vertex painting in UE4 is AMAZING but it would be MIGHTY cool to be able to do this in Painter as well and Designer for that matter perhaps a shader that reads your Multiple UV sets that you have exported with your LP model and then it's setup to.

1, Input your unique BAKED MAKES (0,1 Space) into UV0
2, then allow you to select the other UV SETS UV1, UV2, 3 etc
3, paint into the RGBA channels across materials, textures etc linked to a UV set (From 2 above)
4 Export this into engine as vertex blended material or as vertex colour maps.

Would be KILLER!

Thanks for the feedback (we have tons of ideas like this ;) )
Don't hesitate to add your idea to Uservoice:

Please add the ability to select the desired UV channel in the substance painter. This is very necessary for painting masks, for mixing materials.
For example: There are two materials, they have the second UV channel selected, and blend them through the mask that is drawn on the first UV channel.
I beg you to add such a possibility, it is very necessary.