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  I'm having the strangest problems with Substance Painter.  I installed it fine.  Had no issues with that.  But as I try to follow along with one of your beginner tutorials I notice that nothing seems to be working as it does in the video tutorial.  For example .. the shelves do not fully load (I have 4 materials showing in the Materials tab and none showing in the Brushes and other tabs).  My Paint Properties panel shows a black sphere not a white one as is seen in the video tutorial (the video of the scope texturing on your educational page  ....  not sure if that matters but being that I am brand new to SP this little visual difference throws me off a bit.)  Also ..  when I Bake the Textures the Log says the textures were not created.  Unable to find the Vertex Color for the High res model (I followed exactly ... several times .. and got the same result).  I can not get past the Bake Textures part of the video.  And as a final kicker .. Substance will not quit/close out ..  I have to Force Quit it every time.   I have deleted the program and it’s associated files and re-installed three times ..  getting the same results every time.  I am on a iMac running Sierra with an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card.
I would greatly appreciate any advice you (or anyone)  can give.

Hey, could you provide your log file please?
Log file procedure :


I’m attaching it here.
(please let me know if it is better for me to just copy and paste the entire log here instead of attaching it)

Actually your GPU is way below the tech specs requirements: this must be the issue:

Ahh ..  ok.