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I was just wondering if there might be any DLL hooks for plugins or some other way to get real-time information of the final  PBR textures so I can tweak them in real-time in my own engine.

Not in Painter. We have a SDK for the Substance engine for use with Substance Designer but it's not publicly available.

The stuff you guys were showing with real-time livelink between Painter and Unity using a plugin ... is that kind of thing going to be more widely available in the future? Can we expect integrations with other commercial engines such as Unreal? Will there be some kind of SDK available for that which we can integrate ourselves?
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The API on the Painter side is already available and documented as part of the Painter scripting API (remote connection with a WebSocket), and the Unity side of the plugin is very simple and could be replicated in other engines.

You can go through the code for the Unity live link by downloading the plugin here:

I can't say yet if we will provide links to other engines and apps ourselves in the near future, but all the tools are out there for people to create their own :)